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If you would like to donate to the Community Bookshelves program, please email us at

Community Bookshelves

Our colorful bookshelves are stocked with gently used books donated by community members. Feel free to take a book home and enjoy it with your children.


Our locations now include:

  • Social Security Office at 15 Lewis St.

  • The Presbyterian Church in Geneva on Park Place

  • Child and Family Resources, Inc. at 41 Lewis St., Suite 103

  • Finger Lakes Pediatrics, 200 North St.

  • North Street School, 400 West North St.

  • West Street School, 30 West St.

  • Boys and Girls Club at Goodman Street

  • Geneva Community Center on Carter Road

  • Geneva City School District Office, 400 W. North St.

  • Geneva Community Health, 601 W. Washington St.

  • Geneva Housing Authority, 41 Lewis St.

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