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Book Fest is back!

Volunteers read
at Head Start, for which we provide 18 books for each child each year

Our Lakefront Story Walk opened in 2022 with a book by local author Cynthia DeFelice.

Costumed characters are just one of the many delights that await young children at our annual Book Fest.

Set-up and clean-up for our annual Summer Slide book fair (10 free books for each student) takes a lot of time!

Families (right) celebrate reading at the end of the library's summer reading program, where we have a booth and provide prizes.

Our volunteers help Farmers Market patrons, young and old, select books each year during the summer.

Our Healthy Readers volunteer crew (below) organizes and labels the books that pediatric offices give to children at each of their well-child visits from age 2 weeks to 5 years.

Look what
we do all
year long

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