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Busy Summer Ahead

Farmers Market

We'll be at the lakefront market every  Saturday (unless it's raining) from 8 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Stop by to select some free gently used books!

Summer Slide
Book Fair

Our annual Free book fair will begin at Summer School July 11. Each child entering 1st through 7th grade can pick 10 books!
Only for students in the Geneva School District.

Celebrate reading
at the library

Each summer, the library hosts a reading program that's full of fun — and, well, reading ...! Then, in August, staff celebrates the children's success with a parking lot party featuring food, games and entertainment. We've donated some of the prizes and will be there to be part of the fun!

Last year's event including a magician (above) and archery instruction with local Scouts (below).

Look what
we do all
year long

Take a stroll
along our
Story Walk!

This summer's first book  is Cadillac by Genevan Charlie Temple!

A story unfolds along our Lakefront Story Walk, with a complete picture book on display, fun instructions for getting from one page to the next -- and numbers to follow your progress!

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